Youth Camps

Living Waters Ranch has been hosting youth camps for over fifteen years now, and we believe we do it best! You come with the vision and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. Our competitive lodging and food prices, and our ample amount of room make for easy planning for your next youth gathering. We have expansive green fields out back which allow for the youth to do many activities, including a massive slip-n-slide! Our landscape is as much immaculate as it is breathtaking. We also offer a beautiful sanctuary for praise and worship, large bathroom facilities and meeting rooms. If the youth decide they want to do a skit, or some kind of drama, we offer a beautiful rock amphitheater. Finally, for evening enjoyment Living Waters Ranch has two fire pits down by the creek, with all the firewood you'll ever need, roasting sticks, and amenities. Let Living Waters Ranch help you begin to make unforgettable memories.